What Is Skyward?

One Vision One Voice Investment Campaign

Why is this investment campaign important?

Accomplishment of Skyward’s myNKY community development plan is essential for creating the conditions leading to economic success.  Accomplishment of the Northern Kentucky Tri-ED goals is essential for achieving that economic success.

Skyward and Northern Kentucky Tri-ED,  two organizations focused on elevating the Northern Kentucky region, have partnered to launch the One Vision One Voice investment campaign.  This campaign will fund critical initiatives designed to help the Northern Kentucky region not only compete more effectively in what is increasingly a global marketplace, but to create a more vibrant, inclusive, and connected region.

What does the campaign support?

 The campaign will enable Skyward and Northern Kentucky Tri-ED to work together on tackling community-wide challenges and issues like:
– Workforce preparation
– Kindergarten readiness
– Improving the health of residents
– Recruiting and retaining high-wage primary industry jobs

These challenges require multiple partners, complex funding streams, and leadership – leadership Skyward and Northern Kentucky Tri-ED provide day in and day out.

What will be the results of these investments?

Investments in Skyward and Northern Kentucky Tri-ED will be used to support a variety of projects and initiatives launching or expanding over the course of the next five years.  Some of these projects include LiveWell NKY, NKY FAME, the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Coalition, and Pre-K Works.

With campaign support, the two organizations hope to accomplish the following by 2020:
– At least 10,000 new primary industry jobs
– A permanent site-readiness program to increase the number of “shovel-ready” sites
– A new regional brand and increased domestic and international marketing efforts
– Further acceleration of urban redevelopment
– An iconic public convening space
– An aggressive, holistic, community-wide health program to improve population health
– A significant increase in the number of children prepared for kindergarten
– Attract informatics companies because of our thriving startup environment
– Double the number of innovative technology startups in our region
– Double the amount of private investment capital deployed from NKY to startup and emerging growth companies

Ready to do your part to elevate Northern Kentucky?

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