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November 2015

Regional Indicator Report on Transit Released

Posted by on November 9, 2015

The Connected Region, a  Regional Indicators Report, produced by Skyward, Agenda 360, The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, and ULI acknowledges the strong relationship between a vibrant economy and a robust regional transit system. Whether it’s a critical support to connect people to jobs and greater self-sufficiency, or a preferred mode of travel for a young professional seeking to live without a car, transit matters.  Leveraging transit for economic prosperity requires crafting a vision of what could be and then building a plan to make it happen. Regions we compete with for people and jobs have used community-driven processes and innovative public-private partnerships to develop bold plans that complement and grow existing systems and introduce new modes of travel.

The report look not just at transit (scheduled bus and rail services) but also at multiple modes of travel that interact with public transit and that support a lifestyle that is less dependent on private cars for everyday needs and how investments in transit lead to more economic growth.

Dowload a full copy of the report here.